Grapevine communication

She could have a third group of people scattered throughout the organization with which she shares other common interests outside of work. The grapevine fills in a gap that is left when official information is missing. This also makes it more vulnerable and problematic, as one cannot send a message to any specific person, but is rather putting faith in the vagaries of luck, having no idea how many people, or who, might eventually hear the communication.

Have you found other pluses or minuses of the grapevine. As an example, a manager can belong to a group of women that go to lunch together every Friday.

Thus, when employees sense a need to exchange their views, they go for grapevine network as they cannot use the formal channel of communication in that case.

Grapevine Communication (Informal Business Communication)

Through the grapevine, information flows in different directions linking almost everyone of an organization. Considering grapevine as a pulse feeling tool. It does not require any funds to take place.

What is through the grapevine. Features[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. The grapevine is present within all levels of staff. Internal business communication that moves through the grapevine spreads throughout the organization in a random, undocumented manner and is open to constant change with individual interpretation.

Warning A large percentage of communication that travels the grapevine is true; however, it is difficult for one to discern fact from fiction through the grapevine. On the other hand, they may also think twice about taking a necessary risk and doing the right thing, fearful that appearances that may give rise to rumors.

Thus, the feedback obtained is quick compared to formal channel of communication. The main danger is that much of the information that gets spread through the grapevine is not verified.

When gossip is being spread through the grapevine, people's reputations, careers, and lives can get destroyed very rapidly. The people in the groups have something in common that links them together. The grapevine is formed by individuals and groups in an organization.

Grapevine (gossip)

The grapevine, on the other hand, is non-expensive method and most-rapid oral method of transmitting the information to the maximum number of the communication receivers. Function The grapevine is useful as a supplement to formal channels of communication. It is faster than any form of communication.

On one hand, people will think twice about taking what they know is a wrong course of action. Instead, the time and energy is used to the detriment of others. Grapevine communication can contribute and benefits to the organization. Grapevine is a form of informal communication, operates both in internal and external informal channels.

Grapevine communication can contribute and benefits to the organization. Grapevine is an informal channel of business communication. It is called so because it stretches throughout the organization in all directions irrespective of the authority levels. Man as we know is a social animal. Despite existence of formal channels in an organization, the informal channels tend.

Grapevine Communication (Informal Business Communication)

Spontaneity: Grapevine communication is spontaneous as it is passed automatically from the top level of the organization to the bottom level without any difficulty in delivering the message. It is used by management to spread information that either cannot be shared.

Grapevine is an informal communication network, which ignores formal channels of communication and spreads rumors and gossips at all levels of the business organization. Although every business-organization has its formal channels of communication, the informal channel of communication called grapevine also operates in it.

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So, grapevine is an informal, unofficial and personal communication channel or system that takes place within the organization as a result of rumor and gossip. It is a complex web of oral information flow linking all the members of the organization.

Grapevine communication
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What is Grapevine Communication? Types of Grapevine